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Life and all that jazz....
rants and raves from scatz
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9th-Feb-2015 09:49 am - Perhaps.
Perhaps I should go back to blogging again.
It looks as if the contacts I chatted to on LJ have disappeared.
Does anyone read this anymore?
Perhaps Wordpress is the answer.
26th-May-2014 09:01 am - Decluttering again
Loo, taps and wash basin.
Chest of drawers
Flymo lawnmower.

Hospice shop;
2 sets curtains
assorted clothes
10th-Mar-2014 06:33 pm - Decluttering again

single bed
2 bags of books to hospice shop
2 bags of crockery for community cafe
table lamp for hospice cafe
bubble wrap
cardboard boxes
lawn mower
casserole dish
oil paints
4th-Feb-2012 06:07 pm - New blog.
I seem to be denied access to this LJ and am constantly being spammed so I am trying a new blog.

I'm still learning how it all works and I have been able to import all the LJ entries too.

Do take a look,comment and I'll add you to the Blogroll.
25th-Dec-2011 09:03 pm - Merry Christmas 2011

The rocket had penetrated 3 inches into the ground.
Fireworks should only be sold to event organisers.

No wonder the poor cat was terrified.
(a.k.a. NoNoNoNo)
Non-National Not Writing a Novel Non-Month

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. So in response to those individuals who participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - which encourages people to try writing a 50,000 word novel in November), you are invited to create 50 pictures between November 1st and Nov 30th.

You can do paintings, drawings, pencil sketches, collages, digital photography, print photography, graphic design, ink-blots, pastels, watercolors, pencil-crayons, Crayola crayons, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Just do 50 images in those 30 days (which averages to 2 images per day). The focus is on quantity, not quality.

Post your works of art to your website, or blog, or just show 'em to your friends at coffee. Be free. Express yourself!

And if you want to spread your photos a little further, you can do so by posting them to croc_sandwich as well.
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